Summative Assessment for Of Mice and Men: Academic Choice

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SWBAT analyze how complex characters in the text in Of Mice and Men interact with other characters and advance the plot or develop the theme by answering questions on a summative assessment.

Big Idea

Putting It All Together: How I ask my students to show me what they've learned through Academic Choice.


10 minutes

We've spent a lot of time in this unit analyzing characters and the focus of the Unit Test is on character development and how it advanced the plot RL.9-10.3.  For the activator I want to check for prior knowledge and create a mindset for today's summative assessment.  I first hand out a plot summary sequence list.  Those students that complete this activity before the end of the warm up activity, are given a second quick assessment (sponge activity) on finding examples of the literary devices Steinbeck used in his novella, RL.9-10.4 .  

As students work on their quick assessments,  I circulate among them checking and correcting papers as they are completed.

Building Knowledge

10 minutes

Academic Choice

Next I explain the purpose and outline of the test by reviewing the Academic Choice questions students can choose from:

A. 3 paragraph “Letter to George” from Lennie (W.9-10.3 and RL.9-10.3)

I explain that they have to put themselves into Lennie's character using his experiences of being with George when writing the letter.

B. Design a Poster for Of Mice and Men movie which includes at least 2 main characters, a summary, 1 theme, and a colored drawing of setting and characters (W.9-10.10, RL.9-10.2, RL.9-10.3).

If they choose to design a movie poster they are told to remember that the poster should be:

  1. Aesthetic - it should get peoples attention so the message is clear and the poster designed by using colored pencils.
  2. Focused – it should focus on and communicate why people should "see the movie" without giving away the plot.
  3. Ordered – the sequence should be well-ordered and obvious starting with the movie title and then the characters. 

 I will use a Unit Test Rubric Of Mice and Men for each option to assess student mastery.



Student Learning Activity

45 minutes

It's now time for my students to demonstrate what they've learned by completing the summative assessment, UNIT TEST Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.  The assessment is down loaded onto Socrative.  To match their preferred learning style and increase engagement, students are given the choice of either writing their answers on a hard copy of the the test or using their lap tops to go onto to type in their answers.  As they begin I circulate among them checking for understanding and keeping them focused on the task.

When students complete the 8 text dependent questions on the first section RL.9-10.1, they then choose to answer the second section by either writing a letter from Lennie to George, RL.9-10.2RL.9-10.3W.9-10.3 or designing a movie poster W.9-10.9RL.9-10.3RL.9-10.2.  I have the materials for making the poster laid out on a table in the front of the classroom.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Ticket to Leave

I ask those students who designed a poster to voluntarily share it with the class by giving a brief explanation of the information they included.  Students who have not completed the letter or poster can do so for homework and hand it into me on the following day. 

Course Reflection

5 minutes

I attached two videos. The first video is a short reflection of this final lesson as well as reflection of my year.  I found it interesting that I'm ending the year sharing with you the importance of building trust an respect between you and your students because this was the focus of my lessons at the beginning of the year.  The second is a short video of my teacher/student relationship according to one of my students who use his hands to communicate the message!