Blended Genre: Creating a Commercial (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT make strategic use of digital media by filming a commercial.

Big Idea

Technology in the hands of students is always a good thing. Students love making strategic use of digital media.

Filming the Commercial

20 minutes

This is a collaborative English II activity that began with yesterday's lesson.  There are four of us who are working with this lesson with our students.  We created a YouTube channel to house the commercials and asked that our students email us the video and we uploaded it to the channel. (Some students discovered they could directly upload to the channel and it made the day easier). Please note: disable comments on the videos for students upload so that there is no chance of negative comments on their student made videos.   


Students will have 20 minutes to film their commercials using their phones, Ipads and/or my school Ipad (SL.9-10.5).  20 minutes isn't a ton of time, but each group has a device to film with and the groups will spread out throughout the school to do their filming.  

I tell students they need to make sure they present their information logically so it makes sense (Sl.9-10.4) and adapt their speech to the task by speaking clearly, loudly and enunciating each word (SL.9-10.6).  

While students are presenting their information, I will help solve technological issues.  

Viewing the Commercials

25 minutes

The students will watch each other's videos.  I asked students to create a graphic organizer to take notes.  I explain that I want to see a section for each group and a way for listeners to take notes on the three aspects of each commercial (SL.9-10.1).  I ask students to create their own graphic organizer because it forces them to think critically about presenting ideas and organizing them to make sense (W.9-10.4).  If students struggle with this, I will help them create a simple chart like this one.   I tell students they will vote who did the best job of selling their product and including elements from each of the genres.  Here are some student examples from my class.  




5 minutes

At the end of the class, I ask students what they liked about the project and what they didn't.  Whenever I do a project/lesson for the first time, I always ask students to share feedback with me.  I want to know if my reflection resembles theirs.