With Great Power...(Part 2)

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SWBAT identify ways humans have made significant impact on Earth, and develop a potential solution to an identified problem.

Big Idea

What could you design that would help to solve a human caused problem on Earth?

Generating Solutions

10 minutes

I ask students to look over their research from the day before and choose one problem humans have created that they think is the most critical or important problem, and have them divide up into groups based on this decision.  If there are students on their own, I will have them share with each other.  Within these groups, students will discuss why they believe solving their problem is the most critical, and brainstorm potential ideas for solving this problem.



40 minutes

I assign students to design their potential solution as a proposal.  These proposals should include:

  • a labeled diagram 
  • a written explanation of the problem
  • the root cause of the problem
  • how this idea could solve the problem

Ideas for differentiation:  Students could be allowed to work with partners or groups.  Students could present their idea to the class, either live or digitally through a video or presentation.  If students present to the class, consider allowing them to use questions and feedback from the class to refine presentations before presenting to an authentic audience, such as a field scientist or local maker group.