Classroom Jobs & Expectations

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SWBAT perform a classroom job for one week with a partner to learn leadership skills, share responsibilities, and support our classroom community

Big Idea

Develop Leadership and Shared Responsibilities


15 minutes

"Today students you will help me generate a list of classroom jobs to help our classroom run smoothly, to learn leadership and to share in the responsibilities of a classroom.  Think about what jobs are necessary in a classroom.  Think back to your previous classrooms and remember what jobs you did in them and whether you think they are important to our classroom this year. In a minute I will ask you to turn and talk with your partners and share your ideas.  Let's have Partners A share first."

Call on partnerships to share what their partner suggested.  Have a student write the possible jobs on the whiteboard.  

say, "For our classroom we will need 14 different jobs, and we will have two students share the job for one week.  Then, the following week I will rotate your names so you have a new job every week. How does this sound?"  See if students are in agreement or if they have any additional suggestions about jobs.

After compiling a list of at least 14 jobs.  Describe each job's duties.  


Paper Distributers:



Attendance Takers

Teacher Assistants


Technology Assistants


Counter Organizers

Art Supplies

Goalies (lunch room helpers)

Line Monitors


Along with creating jobs for the classroom we also reviewed classroom norms and expectations for behaviors. Students are taught that their voice is important and to use the suggestion box if they have ideas they want to talk about in classroom meetings.  I have included a chart of their suggestions from a classroom meeting.

Implementation of Jobs

10 minutes

"Today we will start with each of you doing your assigned jobs.  Look at this pocket chart that I created last night.  Find your name next to a job.  Remember yesterday I described each job responsibilities.  I will review them for you.  You are assigned with another student to do you job for the whole week, then on Monday of next week you will have a new job.  I will rotate your names in order so that you will get to do every job about three times this year.

Opening Routine:

We will start every day with the line monitors being in charge of reminding everyone to quiet down and line up to come into the classroom from the playground.  Once they see you are ready, they will let me know and we will walk quietly into the building, you'll have two minutes to put your back backs into your lockers, get your materials, and quietly line up to come into the classroom. Then, the announcers will start off our day reading the schedule and announcements for the day from the powerpoint projected on the screen, while the phone picker uppers pick up your phones to keep them safe in the box during the day.  Don't worry, you will get your phone back at the end of the day before you go home.  Attendance takers will take attendance.

The rest of the jobs will be on going throughout the day, and you will do your job as necessary.

Let's start with the announcers now reading our announcements.  They will tell you when to take attendance and to pick up phones, so be listening for your cue to do your jobs."

Now that students all know what their job is they can participate in creating a well run classroom.  A dynamic classroom community where students have ownership.