Finals Review: Day 2

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Students will be able to identify and correct common errors and justify their reasoning using precise academic and geometry vocabulary.

Big Idea

Students will evaluate mistakes made on old problems and determine how to fix them.

Homework Review

15 minutes

Because students are reviewing for the final exam, it is essential that they have the opportunity to correct their own work and assess their own understanding.  For this homework review, I like to pass out answer keys so that students can identify strengths and weaknesses and continue to make progress as they move forward in their studying.  I circulate the room as students are correcting and discussing their work, trying to listen for patterns in student understanding and confusion.  If there are problems that seem worth discussing as a whole class, like Part 3 #4, I make sure to have at least one or two students present their work.

Classwork: Final Exam Practice Problems

50 minutes

Since this is the last real lesson before the written portion of the final exam, I want to give students a classwork assignment that gives them a last chance to practice (in class) solving a wide range of geometry problems.  I make sure to attach the answers to these problems so that students can check their work. 

Final Exam Review Homework #2

5 minutes

Like the previous lesson’s homework, I ask students to look through their old materials to find 2-3 essential problems for each of the following units: the Pythagorean Theorem, Coordinate Geometry, and Triangle Similarity/Trigonometry.  Students must identify the essential problems that matter to their understanding, write out the problem and solution, including key diagrams, and explain why they matter.  

Note: These problems came from Somsack Chaitesipaseut, a Geometry teacher and colleague of mine at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California.