Trigonometry Unit Assessment

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Students will be able to show their understanding of the right triangle trigonometry and its applications by solving problems differentiated by level.

Big Idea

In this unit assessment, students will work through leveled problems that will allow them to demonstrate varying levels of mastery.

Trigonometry Unit Assessment

75 minutes

This Trigonometry Unit Assessment features foundation, application, and extension problems so that students can demonstrate different levels of mastery of trigonometry ideas.  In the foundations section, for example, students use trigonometric ratios to solve basic problems (#1, 2, 6).  In the application and extension part of the assessment, students have the opportunity to apply what they know about trigonometry in complicated or novel problems or problems that require them to synthesize several geometry ideas from throughout the school year (#8, 11).

I want to give students an opportunity to push their thinking even more, which is why I include an extra credit opportunity, where students can prove the Law of Sines.