Review of Matrices

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SWBAT use matrix operations to solve problems.

Big Idea

Through a scratch off game students review important concepts of matrices

Bell Work

3 minutes

Today is a review day for students. I need students to get the materials needed for the activity as quickly as possible so that we have enough time to review.

On the board I have have a list of items needed for the activity:

Each person needs:

  • White board
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Cleaning rag
  • Any resources over this unit (notes, worksheets, practice problems)

Scratch Off Review

40 minutes

For review today we are playing what I call the Scratch Off Game. Some students have played the game in other classes and understand what we will be doing. To make sure everyone knows how I play I briefly go over the rules for the games.

I put the students into groups. The size of the groups depends on the class. Some classes can work in large groups while others need to be in groups of no more than 4 to be active. I try to put students into different groups than they are used to working so students learn to work with others and to help groups that struggle.

We determine which group goes first and then start the game.  I have attached the Smart Notebook along with the pdf file of the game.

As students play I make sure each group is working together and finding answers. I also control the level of noise since this can sometimes get pretty loud as the game moves along.

As we work through the problems I sometimes have students want to write down the problems to use as a review. I have made copies questions prior to the class for those students that want the questions.


4 minutes

Closure is very short today. Students put there supplies away and may pick up student game packet. Some students will not want the packet so I do not give the packet to every student.

Since students will take the unit test tomorrow, I do not assign any new work for them to complete.