Short Story Assessment, With Choice: The Presentation (3 of 3)

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SWBAT present information and evidence logically so that their audience can follow the line of reasoning by collaboratively building a group presentation.

Big Idea

Including a Speaking and Listening component to my assessment will allow students to practice multiple skills.


5 minutes

It's the last day of assessment!  I want to quickly give students instructions.  I share with them the Copy of ShortStoryPerformanceEvent instructions for Day Three! 


Day Three:


You are going to have to move quickly today.  First, you will have 20 minutes to collaborate in your group and plan your presentation.  You must have Day One and Day Two completed so you come to the discussion prepared and you’re prepared to refer to evidence from the text (SL.9-10.1a).  You will be teaching your story to the rest of the class.  At the end of your presentation, your classmates should understand your story because you have presented the information and supporting evidence clearly and logically (SL.9-10.4).  Be sure to make use of the document camera so your peers can see your visual elements (SL.9-10.5).  


Before you begin working, work with your group to set clear goals and decide individual roles (SL.9-10.1b).  Be sure to pose and respond to questions to help your group (SL.9-10.1c) and respond thoughtfully when there are diverse perspectives (SL.9-10.1d).  


Presentation guidelines:

Must present a common summary (RL.9-10.2)

Must present two text dependent questions with answers (RL.9-10.1, RL.9-10.2, RL.9-10.3)

Must present a common visual representation which explores the conflict of your story and how that conflict is revealed (Rl.9-10.1)

 As soon as instructions are delivered, students get into their groups and begin working.  

Student Work Time

20 minutes

While students are working in their collaborative groups, I will walk around to assure that all group members are contributing equally.  If there are group members that are not contributing, I will help direct them with ways they can be part of the group.  

Presentations and Closure

25 minutes

While students are presenting, I will sit with the students and listen attentively.  This Teacher behavior during presentations video explains why I model listening behavior during presentations.  


At the end of the class period, I will ask students to turn in their assessments.