Understanding Arranged Marriage As A Current, Global Issue By Using Film As Informational Text

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SWBAT analyze an account of arranged marriage and apply the subject to their own lives by writing a response to a prompt.

Big Idea

It is easy to analyze various accounts of a subject by using film in the classroom.

Warm Up-A review of conflict and theme

10 minutes

Tomorrow we are going to read Chinua Achebe's short story "Marriage is a Private Affair."  Today's lesson, reading film as informational text, is to prepare students for the reading of that text by providing them with cultural background knowledge.  We will also practice informational reading skills by watching a documentary.  Our warm up today is tied to tomorrow's lesson.  Students need to understand both conflict and theme and be able to explain how they work together in a text.  


 First, we review of conflict and theme.  I ask students to take two minutes and write a definition for both of these terms (L.9-10.4).  They should be terms they know. After a couple minutes, I ask students for what the definitions are and we develop a working definition on the board.  I particularly ask what develops the theme of a text.  We make a list of plot,character, setting, and conflict.  I tell them today we are focusing on how conflict helps determine a theme.  This work will help us in our understudying of the short story that we will read in tomorrow's lesson.  

Let's Begin Thinking About The Topic of Arranged Marriage

30 minutes

One of my favorite instructional strategy is classroom brainstorming on the white board. I put the words Arranged Marriage  on the board and tell students to approach the board and write what they know.  When students do this, I have an understanding of where we need to start the discussion.  


Once we have had a discussion about our prior knowledge of arranged marriage, I will show them the National Geographic documentary from YouTube.  


As students watch the film, I ask them to take notes on important details in the film ( W.9-10.10).  I have them watch this film to build their knowledge of arranged marriages so they more fully understand our short story.  I explain that I want them to:

Determine a central idea of the text (film) (RI.9-10.2)

Write down textual evidence that supports your idea of the central idea (RI.9-10.1)

Write down any words that you don't know and you can't determine the meaning of throughout the text (RI.9-10.4)




Write a response

10 minutes

Now that we have reinforced our understanding of arranged marriage, I want students to write their thoughts.  I also want students to practice a strategy I like to use when students are answering prompts.  I will ask students to write the prompt on their paper and then pass the paper to their right.  Their partner will reword the prompt and then answer it.  I do this because students often times don't give enough effort reading a prompt.  This rewrite prompt strategy video explains it further.   I will give students 10 minutes to answer the prompt (W.9-10.10):

Would you be agreeable to your parents choosing your marriage partner?  Why or Why Not?


I will collect the students' responses before they leave and will grade them.