Earth Science Unit Test

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SWBAT use relevant science vocabulary and interpret diagrams depicting layers of earth and earth's changes over time.

Big Idea

Students will show what they know about erosion, glaciers, soil, and interpreting fossil records.


10 minutes

Before I gave the assessment, I wanted to begin with a more holistic summary, so I gave them back their Concept Maps.  I had them work with their original partners, and told them to use a red pen so they could see all the new connections they added.


30 minutes

I had them turn in their concept maps, and get into test taking position.  I encouraged them to use their science notebooks as much as possible during the test.  I feel that using resources to locate information is a more important goal for my students than memorizing vocabulary words.  I included the valley photographs and fossil records to provide students an opportunity to apply their interpretation skills we had practiced throughout the unit.