Creating the Summer Journal: one possible entry...

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SWBAT continue reading and writing over the summer break using their journal

Big Idea

Teach Students to Create Entries in a Summer Writing Journal

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Prior to this lesson, students created a Book Buzz.  

Student Book Buzz Example

The parts of the one page book buzz are:


Picture or College

Student recommendation


Purpose:  Share a book they enjoyed, say why, encourage others to read over the summer.



10 minutes

This cornerstone lesson is the second part of a two part lesson that build on structures the students have participated in all year such as Team Roles , following discussion norms, sharing books with one another.

The mini-lesson starts with students getting into groups of four to present their book buzzes to each other.  Students have one booklet at each table group that is a compilation of all of the student book buzzes.  ( I made 7 color copies of each student's book buzz and compiled them into a table group copy for them to share from.)

Students are assigned to a group and a role:  Leader, materials, on task manager, and time keeper.

Once in their group they will share the 4 parts of the book buzz:

Title, Their Recommendation , picture, and excerpt from the book.



Whole group Activity

10 minutes

After students have shared in small groups they will return to their desks.

Next they will get out their Summer Journal that is based on the book:  "Amelia Hits the Road"

Students will have a copy of the 20 Summer Book Buzzes/ list of books that students recommended as a part of the book buzz activity.  Students will study the list of books recommended by their classmates and select 10 books that they want to read over the summer.  They will write the titles in their summer journal creating an entry.


Once they are finished with creating an entry for themselves, students will independent read.