A Metaphor is a Useful Technique

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SWBAT create a poem using a metaphor and identify the difference between metaphor and simile.

Big Idea

By creating poems, students understand the differences between metaphors and similes.


5 minutes

Students have just completed a lesson on similes and now they are going to learn about metaphors. I separated the lessons on simile and metaphor so students can engage with each type of figure of speech and identify the differences between the two more easily. 

I introduce the lesson to the students by explaining to them that they have just learned about a figure of speech called simile. I ask if anyone can remind the class what a simile is. A student shares that a simile is a figure of speech that compares two things with the word "as" or "like". In this lesson they will also have the opportunity to write a poem but this time they will use metaphor. A metaphor is also a figure of speech and is very similar to a simile but does not use the words "as" or "like". Instead it describes the subject as being something else.

I then give them a few examples metaphors to show them the difference.

Main Activity

25 minutes

After showing them the similarity of similes and metaphors, I model how to change the poem I completed yesterday so that it no longer has similes but instead is a poem of metaphors. 

I simply remove the words "as ... as" and "like" and reform the sentences. If I orginally said that my son dances like a crazy monkey, I now revise it to be, my son is a dancing crazy monkey. The poem, although goofy to begin with, is even more hilirious now. Students become excited about how their poems with change and becoming funnier.

Students are asked to write their revised poems on the back of the paper they used in the previous lesson. Although, you can also give them a new worksheet if it helps.


5 minutes

Finally, once students are finished revising poems, they get a chance to share. Some students finish revising their poems early and are encouraged to write brand new poems that only use metaphors. 

First students read to a partner, the poem that is written with similes then reads the one with metaphors. A few students are asked to read their poems to the class.

To close, student reiterate the difference between similes and metaphors which is the use of "as" and "like" in similes and not in metaphors.