Similes Are Like Wonderful Stories

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SWBAT use simile to create poems.

Big Idea

Students learn what a simile is by creating one using poetry.


5 minutes

The more students have experience with the figure of speech term, simile, the better they will use and understand it when they are writing and reading text. This lesson introduces students to the technique of writing similes.

To begin, I show and read aloud poems that have similes in them. I ask students if they notice anything similar between the poems. Some students guess that they all say things like, "this is like that" or "as something as". This is when I define what a simile is and explain that they will be creating poems using simile.

Main Activity

25 minutes

To demonstrate how to create a poem with similes, I show them a worksheet that they will be using. I pick a topic, my baby son, and write his name down. Similes can describe an object, person, feeling, place, anything by comparing it to something else. To help students understand that its not the two things that are being compared that matters but rather the comparison, I ask them to think of how to create a comparision with the topic and each of their senses.

I model how I write down an adjective that matches each sense and then think of a way to describe that adjective. The example can be compared to the topic, my son. I then take each line and write it down, one line at a time to create a poem.

To help students practice this before having to do it on their own, I ask them to help me think of two other ways I could have compared something to my son. I can add these to the end of my poem.

Students will now have a chance to think of their own topic and write a poem.


5 minutes

Finally, after students have finished their poems, they get a chance to share. The first stand up while the rest of the class gives them attention, then they tell the class their topic and read their poem. The class gives applause to celebrate the poem their classmate read.

After students have shared, I ask for a definition of what simile means. Students share that a simile is a figure of speech that compares two things by using the words "as" or "like".