Writing: Creating an instructional booklet to reinforce learning

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SWBAT write an explanatory text examining the complex ideas of Harvard's six habits of reading by creating an instructional booklet.

Big Idea

How do we get students to retain information?

Warm Up

5 minutes

As students enter, they open their notebook and begin today's warm up:

Think about how you learn new information.  Once you do learn something new, how do you retain it?  For three minutes, write about how you retain new information.  

Students write for three minutes (W.9-10.10) and then we discuss for two minutes.  


I'm introducing students to a knew way to study and retain information so I want students to begin thinking about this topic.  

Mini Lesson--Giving the instructions

10 minutes

I will tell students,

We have worked hard on the 6 Habits of Reading.  I want you to have a review booklet you can keep in your binder and refer to throughout the semester.  Today you are going to create this review publication.  Your publication can take whatever form you would like.  You can simply create a booklet and put one habit on each page, or you can be more creative as long as you organize the information to make important connections between them (W.9-10.2, W.9-10.2a).  You need to review the 6 Habit handout, read each section and select the relevant details and extended definitions (W.9-10.2b) so that the review publication works for you.

This Review book strategy video explains what I show students as a simple way to create a review strategy book. 


Student Work Time

25 minutes

While students are working, I will walk around to assure they are including all relevant details.  This creative example of review material is a review publication that one of my students created.  


5 minutes

During the last ten minutes of class, I will tell students to choose a partner.  I will tell them,

You've worked hard on your review publication.  Please take a few moments and teach your book to a partner.  In other words, explain your publication.  Explain why you chose the details you did.  (SL.9-10.1)