Character Analysis Formative Assessment

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SWBAT understand the characters' motivations and actions in fiction text.

Big Idea

Sometimes with characters we have to seek first to understand.


5 minutes

The kiddos will show what they know today about character motivations and actions. We've been working pretty hard on making inferences about characters so I'm hoping I'll see our efforts pay off! Here's a quick overview of the assessment. 

Independent Work

30 minutes

Here are a few of my samples. 

As you finish up today, I'd like for you to read out of your fiction book. While reading, I want you to use post-its to list the things you notice about the characters in your book. 

My kiddos need a fiction and nonfiction book at their desks at all times. They're allowed two books checked out from the library at once, so this is usually how they check them out. I also have my classroom library available to them. Many times when they finish up with something early, they get some silent reading time, which they absolutely love. The only catch is they usually have a purpose for reading.