Characters' Roles Formative Assessment

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SWBAT identify the roles of the antagonist and protagonist in a fiction text.

Big Idea

Now that we know that all characters have roles, let see if you can spot the two major ones!


5 minutes

This formative wasn't as easy to create because it's hard to find short pieces that have an antagonist and protagonist. After searching for eons, it finally hit me that I could use the summary of a book! I could have also used a excerpt from a book that had thorough details about the characters, but this worked out first. Here are some of my additional thoughts on this. 

When you're taking your test today, please be sure to justify to show me where you found your answers in the text. Remember, this is not an option. We've been working on ways to remember the roles of our main characters, so try to think back to your processing and the activities we've done the past few days. When you're finished, please turn in your quiz and answer the characters' roles LEQ in your interactive notebook. If you have any extra time, be sure your notebook is up-to-date- this includes the table of contents. 

Independent Work

20 minutes

While the kids are working, I'll be around to check for justification. It's still early in the year, so I try to give them gentle reminders along the way. It's a new system for many of them, so I want to give them some time to get it down. My kids who rush try to get away with skipping it for quite some time, but it really helps their scores. Here are some examples of some answers and you can see the justification as well. 

Early finishers

10 minutes

As the students finish up, I ask them to answer the lesson essential question, "What are the roles of characters?" in their notebooks. They also have some time to do any extra processing in their notebooks. For example, I might say

If you feel like you didn't do well today, you could study antagonist and protagonist by creating song lyrics to help you memorize them. Use your interactive notebook sheet to get some ideas. When you've created something, just staple it to the page that has those notes.