A Civil Rights Stage Debut

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SWBAT use knowledge of the elements of drama to perform a play from script

Big Idea

It's time to shine! Use those reading skills and elements to truly engage the audience!


Today the students will use their knowledge of the elements of drama to perform a play about Rosa Parks. The text does not break into scenes, but there are clear scene changes denoted by subheadings. I'm not discussing this at all with my kids. I want to see if they can read the text in a group, work together, and entertain, me, the audience. 

Reading and Preparation

30 minutes

For the first 30 minutes you will work in your groups to read a prepare for the skits. You chose to get into boys vs. girls groups, so it is up to you to be sure that ever member reads, then is assigned a part or job, and then helps to perform the task. Every person must be involved somehow; I shouldn't see anyone sitting out. Good luck!

While the kiddos are working, I'll be moving around the room just to be a presence. When they work in large groups, there is definitely a tendency to get off task, and it is the last week of school here, so the behavior can be even more challenging. I don't want to give the groups any hints or tips while I'm visiting. If the students truly understand the elements of the drama, they should be able to act out the parts, show my the scene changes, and I should understand what is happening in the text. 


30 minutes

Once the kids have had plenty of time to prepare, they'll get the chance to perform. I don't want to intervene too much at this point because I want them to understand the importance of the elements of drama. When the kids perform, I'm hoping they give me lots of opportunity to discuss the stage directions, scene changes and emotion involved in the plays. I need them to make the mistakes in order to truly learn the elements. If a group performs with little care for the stage directions, changes and the audience, there will be lots of discussion points about why these elements are so important. 

At this point you will perform your version of A Lesson in Courage. Since you chose boys vs. girls, we will probably see some different aspects in each performance. Be sure to consider the glows and grows for each group. When both groups finish, we will discuss the things you noticed today. You will all need to work together to put on the best production you can. 

Here's a little bit of how my kiddos did today.