Cut! Theme in Drama Workstations

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SWBAT compare and contrast similar themes in drama.

Big Idea

Theme is never easy to identify. Maybe with a little help from some friends, you can build your skills.

Small Groups

60 minutes

Today will be a low key workstation day. I will be giving the students a few plays to read. They will spend today reading the plays, determining the theme, and deciding which two have a similar theme. They will then reread to prepare for a Socratic seminar based on their findings from today's workstations.  

Today you'll read three plays and try to find two that have a common theme. One of the plays will not fit the common theme. Once you have selected the two plays you think have the common theme, you will use the graphic organizer to compare them. I expect to see you interacting with the texts when you are in reading with your groups. 

I will be meeting with small groups of students who are struggling. Today will be a day for students to come to me if they feel they need help. I try to work in times where I tell students, "I'm at the back table, come to me if you need me." Students need to be able to self monitor at times, so these days are to help build that up. 

One of the plays, The Baker's Dozen, has been read before, so that should save students time today. They'll just need to think of the theme for that one. The Battle Song and The Gifts of Wali Dad are new reads, so they will take some time. Once students have the two with similar theme, they can start working with the organizer. Here's a tip about the passages.

Formatives for the Unit

This would technically be my last lesson for the year, but I wanted to give some ideas for formatives because I ran out of time to create each one as I did for my whole year of ELA previously. Next year, I'll be making more, but as you all know, there just aren't enough hours in the day, and we were given no resources for this standard, so, well, you know...

Here is a link to a product I liked from teachers pay teachers. It's made as a homework pack, but I used it throughout this unit as formatives and quick checks. I love Jennifer Findley's products (and I know that people will tell us that TpT isn't tested and researched, but I've been using Findley's things A LOT and I'll tell you they're awesome. 

Also, as a performance task, I read my kids "Pink and Say" during our Civil War lessons and then asked them to turn that story into a drama. They absolutely LOVED it. You could do this for any story to see if they know the elements that belong in a drama. 

Our district has a summative for this unit, but I can't share that. Just a drama we found and we created some questions that were Smarter Balancedish to go along with it. I'm hoping next year, I'll have more materials to add to my box o' tricks! 

Here are some question stems I cam across to use for formatives and such. Enjoy!