Cut! Summarizing Workstations

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SWBAT summarize a drama using the elements of plot.

Big Idea

Okay, so practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Let's team up and practice those summaries!


The kiddos will continue where they left off in the last lesson. I figured that starting a new play would take them more than the time I had for small groups on the first day. As students finish reading "The Calabash Kids" they will receive a new play to read independently and summarize. 

Small Groups

45 minutes

The kids will be picking up with the Calabash story from yesterday. Most of my kiddos only got through reading the story and some started color coding the plot. As the kids are working today, I'll be moving around to guide anyone having trouble. I don't think this will be too hard at this point in the year. The kids really do well with summarizing fiction. It helps that we've been doing it throughout the year. I'll be looking for students who may be struggling with the slight switch in the story that may the problem confusing. 

Here is an idea of what you can expect.

Independent Reading for Fast Finishers

15 minutes

As the students finish up in groups, they can read Resthaven and work on a summary on their own. If time permits, I'd like to take this as a quick check, but I'm not sure how far the kids will get today. I'll use the first few minutes of my next lesson to let them finish this task.