Cut! Understanding The Importance of Specific Scenes Workstations

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SWBAT determine the impact that different scenes have on the development of the plot.

Big Idea

Practice makes perfect! You will definitely need more practice with understanding the impact the structure of a drama can have on the whole piece.

Introduction and Expectations

5 minutes

Today's workstations are really about giving the kids some more time to read and think about the importance or function of certain parts of the play. This is something we have worked on all year and have hit this in the fiction and poetry units. I think this standard is always hard to address and the kids just need practice reading and answering questions on this one.

I'll have my own station to work with students on how to answer these questions. One work station will give the kids some practice reading sample responses and deciding if the responses are acceptable and the last station will be an opportunity for students to just read a play of their choice. They will have a a few copies from which to choose. I like to have copies on hand so they can make interactive marks while reading. This gives me something to collect and check out to keep the kids accountable. Most of my kids welcome the opportunity to sit and read, but there are always days when someone just wants to be silly and distract others. I find that giving the kids a small task while reading really cuts back on time off-task and any behavior issues. 

We have had the opportunity to work with individuals who write questions for Smarter Balanced, so I've been trying to integrate these question stems into my instruction, just to help my kids "play the game" more efficiently. All I could find to share were some released stems from SBAC. 


55 minutes

Teacher: Students will come to me today to answer some questions related to RL5.5. We're going to use a play we've already read to cut down on time wasted in group. I want to really be able to discuss How to answer these questions and model how to find the information needed to answer them. While working with my district team on creating summative assessments for 5th grade, we've been able to use question stems from the Smarter Balanced claims and targets. This has been really helpful, but there are so many possible stems for each standard. I just want to give my kiddos some exposure to these now so when they see the types of questions when the testing starts, they don't freak out. I work as hard as I can to make most of the learning fun and engaging, but still work in times for them to get some exposure to the new initiatives that are coming.