Act 2: Scene 2: Just Give Me The Shortened Version, Please.

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SWBAT use the elements of plot to summarize a drama.

Big Idea

The same rules apply for dramatic summaries as they do fictional summaries; Somebody, Wanted, BUT, So, Then...


Today we're just going to review our summary skills using the organizer, Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then. My kids have been really successful with this organizer for fiction, and seem to really like it. They used to tell me that summarizing was hard because they were worried they'd put too many details in. When we tell kids to summarize the main points of a lengthy story, that can get tedious. This strategy keeps the kids focused on the plot as they decide which details to include. Somebody- protagonist, Wanted- every character wants something (exposition), But- the problem/protagonist is introduced, So- what the character does to try to solve the problem and the climax, Then- falling action and resolution.  I only wish it were this easy for nonfiction! 


Modeled Practice

15 minutes

Today we're going to revisit the story of Savitri and focus on our summarizing skills. We'll use our Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then organizer to help us summarize and then you'll get some time to practice with another play we've read and a new play. Our work will carry over into tomorrow where we'll finish up our small groups.

I've included my thoughts about modeling for the kiddos here

Guided Practice

15 minutes

 I'd like for you to flip back in your notebook to find the story about the Bakers. You will use the graphic organizer to summarize that play while working with your partners. I want you to skim through the story first and make notes about what information you think you'd need to include in the summary, and, if necessary, color code the play to show the parts of the plot. This may help you in knowing what information to include. Remember, if you can tell me the main parts of the plot, you have given me the quick version of the story. Summaries should tell me the whole idea, so don't be worried that you'll give the story away. No spoiler issues here!

I chose a play they've already read to help them focus more on the skills needed for summarizing at this point. They'll start reading something new in small groups and continue on with that tomorrow. 

Small Groups

15 minutes

At this point, you'll start reading "The Calabash Kids" a Tanisian tale. You'll be getting into groups and working together if you need each other. I'll be around to each group to check in a help as needed. First, I'd like you to be reading through and figure out the plot. Color code to show where you think each part may be. It's okay to be wrong about that at this point. Once you have a chance to chat with your group, you may see things differently. Then, as a group, I'd like to see you use the organizer to come up with a summary of the play. This is a two act play, but that doesn't mean the summary will be hard. You'll finish up tomorrow and then receive a new play to try on your own.