Revising Position statements

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SWBAT revise their position statements by adding questions and content vocabulary.

Big Idea

Structured Revisions!


15 minutes

Today students you will revise your opinion/position statements from your role play character's point of view to make them even more persuasive!  The writing you are doing now will be the plan for your speech you will give at our mock Constitutional Convention. Today I will teach you two strategies to revise your writing.  One strategy is to add powerful words to your writing.  The second is to add rhetorical questions.

You will use your American Revolution Vocabulary Sheet to strengthen your word choice.  Second you will figure out a way to insert a question into each of your three reasons.   Let me show you how:

Project teacher mentor text (slavery question) from yesterday.

Read the list of words on a student content vocabulary sheets- front and back.  Then say, "I will see if I can add or replace words in my position statement using the vocabulary sheets.  When I find a place in my text that I can revise by writing by adding a more specific word I will write it in using an orange colored pencil. Demonstrate for the students how to add or replace words using list of vocabulary words using mentor text. I also want you to underline any vocabulary words you used in your position statement.  In mine you see how I used property?  I will underline it because it is a vocabulary word. 

The next demo will be how to add rhetorical questions to the position statement.  Begin by defining a rhetorical question: A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked in order to make a point. The question, a rhetorical device, is posed not to elicit a specific answer, but rather to encourage the listener to consider a message or viewpoint.

Then demo adding in questions for each reasons on demo teacher text.

Independent Work

30 minutes

Release students to work at their group tables.  Circulate through the room to support students as they revise by adding vocabulary words and rhetorical questions to their position statements.


Student Share

15 minutes

As I am conferring with students, I will look for examples of student work to share with the class.

Prior to the close of the lesson, I will invite students to share their revisions with each other at their table groups and have a few share whole class.