Act 1: Scene 2: How do Scenes Impact the Story Line?

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SWBAT discuss the impact of specific scenes or acts on the development of the play.

Big Idea

Did you ever think about what a movie would be like if some of the best parts were missing?


5 minutes

To get the students think about the lesson for today, we'll read a quick reader's theater script, but I'm deleting the falling action. It's not the best piece of text, but it's perfect to get my point across. As I read this, I'm hoping the students notice that something is missing. I've included the regular version as well. 

I'm going to need a few of you to help me read a play. It's a different version of The Three Little Pigs. Once we're finished, I want to hear your thoughts. 

We'll read and then hopefully have some good discussion about the fact that we have no idea why the wolf was attempting to blow down the house and then all of a sudden the play ends and the characters are all friends. 

Do you think that certain parts or scenes are important to the text? What part of the plot do you think might be missing? How does cutting this scene affect the story?


35 minutes

To model the task for today, I will read aloud the play, Savtri and use my color coding for plot that the kids learned in the beginning of the year. In order for the kids to understand the importance of specific scenes in a play, they have to first understand the structure of the play. That's where we'll start. To save time, I'm not going to have the kids act this out; I'll just read aloud in my best voices. I'm sure they'll appreciate my monologue. While reading, I'll be thinking aloud about the plot of the story. 

The most important part of today is thinking through the importance of the scenes and different parts of the play. I'm going to spend extra time letting the kids chat about my thoughts. When I stop to discuss why the author included certain information, I want the kids to talk about it as well. This is all I'll get to today.