Act 1: Scene 1: Elements of Drama Vs. Elements of Prose

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SWBAT compare and contrast the elements of drama and the elements of prose.

Big Idea

How closely related do you think the book is to the play? Is it more than just content that has to change?


5 minutes

To kick off the lesson today, I want the kiddos to take a look at a clip from the Beauty and the Beast play and then hear the read aloud of the Disney story. The play clip is from when Belle is in the town, so that's where I'll start the read aloud of the book. 

When we planned last, you said you'd like to see some a play. I can't let you watch the whole thing today, but that will come. I found a clip from Disney's Beauty and The Beast and a read aloud for us to view. While you view the two clips today, I want you to compare and contrast them. Think about what would be involved in writing the script for the play and what is involved in writing the book. I want you to view like a reader and a writer. We'll share thoughts afterwards. 

This activating is preparing the kids to really think about the elements of a drama. If they can notice how it's similar to and different from prose, then they should be able to start coming up with an idea of those elements alone. We learn best when we teach ourselves, so this really helps get the kids moving. Also, I know that some of my kids have never really seen a play, so even if I can offer them this opportunity, it's something. 

Here are some of the thoughts from my class. 


15 minutes

The kids had a great idea for today. I will give them the elements of drama printable and they will read them and see if they can find examples of it in a play. I got the printable for free from teachers pay teachers, and I know it says grade 3, but I only want to use the elements because my kids haven't seen these yet. As students use these skills in the appropriate grades, they'll come up stronger, but I can't teach them how to use application skills in reading if they don't even know the basics. I'm not sure how this will tun out, but I think it sounded great. They didn't want me standing at the front of the room teaching this. "We got this," they said. I know they need to use the new knowledge that is acquired to truly learn it, so I'm all for it. I'll just be a guide on the side to monitor what they are doing. The kids chose to use the story "Wings For The King" in our Reading Street text again since they read it one time through already. This will work because today they're looking to find the elements, and having previously read the text will save some time. 

Here is an overview of some resources you could use instead. 

Small Groups

30 minutes

Once the kids have worked with the elements a bit, they'll get into groups to complete an elements scavenger hunt with a new play. A student found this one for me when I asked them to hunt for one at home that had scenes and acts. This one has scenes, but no acts. The scavenger hunt is set up to reflect that though. It simply asks them to write where they think acts could go or why there is only one act. Use whatever you might have though. I have very few quality resources for this type of text, but I'll be adding to my lessons as I go. We have one more in our reading anthology, but I don't want to use that one yet.