Introducing a Unit

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SWBAT understand that all curriculum units have a purpose and an organization.

Big Idea

Just like in the 7 Habits, we always begin with the end in mind.


10 minutes

This unit start up narrative gives the full explanation of how I start every unit. Everyone uses something different for unit guidelines, so anything works to show the kiddos the expectations for the unit. I've seen some really cute "I Can" statements and other unit overviews from different places that work just the same. I just like having something to "practice what I preach." I tell my kids that they need to set goals and begin with the end in mind, and this really does help. Every lesson is aligned to the lesson essential questions, so the kids always know our purpose for each day. These are the same as goals and objectives in some of the other planning systems. Good ole' SWBAT. I just have the kids interact with them a little bit more. As we move throughout the unit, the kids check off the questions and answer them in their notebooks. We refer to them often, and for yearly reviews, I bring the notebooks out and have scavenger hunts with them to keep information fresh. Yes, I have to store them somewhere, and yes, they take up a lot of space, but it's worth it.