Speech! Speech! Speech!

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SWBAT deliver an argumentative speech.

Big Idea

Students get vocal in arguing for one of the characters in the story Zlateh's Goat.

Advanced Organizer

10 minutes

Today is the day! Speech day! To give the students a chance to practice their speeches and prepare for the presentation, I will allow them some time to practice with their Shoulder Partners.  Hopefully, this will help ease their nerves and give them a little confidence for the big day! 


55 minutes

To go through the presentations today, I will have the students review in their groups the "things to remember" when delivering a speech.  I will have them create a list using a Round Robin.  

We can share out our lists, reviewing the things to remember.  I am hoping the students lists will consist of the following:  Make eye contact, maintain good voice quality and a consistent pace...etc.

Once the students have created their lists and we have reviewed it is time to get started.  

I will have the students present their speeches and make their arguments.  I will assess them not only on the delivery of their speech, but on the quality of their argument.  I want to make sure they have claims, counterclaims, and evidence.  



5 minutes

To review, I will have the students write down two compliments about their shoulder partners speech.  This will help build trust and a positive environment.  What did they like about the delivery?  Were there any good claims?  

Then, I will have them share with their Shoulder Partners.