Zlateh's Goat-Literary Analysis Day 2

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SWBAT analyze a short story using their close reading strategies.

Big Idea

Is conflict always bad? Students answer the big question while analyze the story "Zlateh's Goat"

Advanced Organizer

5 minutes

Continuing our work with conflict, I am going to just use the Conflict handout to help recall and assess where the students are with their understanding.  It is a quick practice intended to help prepare them for today's lesson.  

I will first allow the students about 5 minutes to work on completing the handout on their own and then ask them to share with another student using a Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up.  

Then, we will quickly review with the whole class.  

Guided Practice/Independent Practice

35 minutes

After working with the story Zlateh-the-Goat, the students are ready to put their annotations to good use!  Our focus for our close reading was to make inferences as well as look for instances of conflict and resolution.  We did use the bigger questions "Is conflict always bad?"  to drive our reading.  

The students have read the story and worked with basic understanding of inferences as well as conflict and resolution with yesterday's activities.  It was more guided and supported.  Today, I want to take them a step farther and have them work to analyze the story more independently.  I really feel as if we have set up all the needed steps for them to find success with today's activity.  

I may spend a few minutes reviewing their annotations with them, or having them review their annotations with their shoulder partner.  This is just a way to keep the story and plot fresh in their minds.  Then, I will pass out the Questions and have them work to answer them using the story and their annotations.  

As the students are working, I may circulate through the room to provide support.  I may also pull a small group of my struggling readers to help chunk the activity or provide more guidance and prompting.  

I will have the students work on the analysis for the remainder of the class period.  


5 minutes

To assess their learning today and to help them bring everything together, I am going to ask the students to reflect on the story and the bigger question.  

I will have them respond to the questions "What does Aaron learn about himself during his struggle to survive the snowstorm?"   

"What lessons does this story suggest about the overcoming challenges and dangerous situations?  

I will give the students about 5-7 minutes to reflect on the questions and then have them share with their Shoulder Partners.