Numbers 11-20 Assessment

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Students will be able to show their knowledge of numbers 11-20.

Big Idea

It's time to show our knowledge of numbers 11-20. This lesson includes one-on-one and group assessments.

Individual Assessment

5 minutes

For this part of the assessment, you will need the Individual Assessment Numbers 11-20 included as a PDF with this lesson.  You will need one copy of the student assessment card and a copy of the recording sheet for each student.  You will also need 20 counters for the students to use.

When giving the assessment, I ask the students to rote count to 20.  I record on the sheet if the student is able to successfully count to 20 or if they were not, what number they stopped at.

I then have the student read the numbers on the assessment card.  The student reads the number across the row.  The recording sheet is made to follow the assessment card if you go vertically down each column.

For the final component of the individual assessment, I give the student a group of 20 objects.  I have them count the objects and record when the one-to-one correspondence breaks down.

Group Assesment Part 1

15 minutes

For the first part of the group assessment, you will need Representing Quantities 11-20 Assessment.  I have the students move into their "testing positions" (assigned testing seats around the room that are not within sight of another student's work).  I have them write their names on the test.

I then tell the students, We have worked hard to learn our numbers 11-20.  I want to know how much you know about these numbers.  You will look at the number in the box.  I want you to color in that number of boxes.  When you are done with that number, go on to the next number.  Continue until you have finished all the numbers.

As the students are working (see video), I circulate around the room to make sure they are following the directions correctly.  I do not correct any errors.  I want the assessment to be a true picture of what the students know.  When the students are done with the assessment, I collect them, making sure they answered all the questions. 

Group Assessment Part 2

15 minutes

For this part of the assessment, you will need Identifying Quantities 11-20 Assessment included as a PDF with this lesson.  I usually split the group assessments into two parts.  This shortens the length of time the students need to concentrate.  I have the students move into their individual assessment spots.  I distribute the assessments and have them write their names at the top. 

I tell the students, I want to know how well you can count groups and write numbers.  You will count the turkeys in each group.  Write down the number of turkeys that are in the group in the box.  Continue counting each group of turkeys until you have completed all the groups.

I monitor the students work to make sure they are following the assessment directions, but I do not help them with the skills that are being assessed.  When the students turn in their assessment, I check to make sure that all of the problems are completed.