Drill 6: We Begin With The End in Mind!

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SWBAT understand the importance of goal setting.

Big Idea

Would you set off on a trip without charting your course? We need to know where we're going before we can try to get there.


As my class goes through the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, I try to show them how they'll apply in ELA. I expect my kiddos to set goals for themselves for the subjects, when we take tests, and pretty much anything we do in class. We talk about short term and long term goals and how to have specific strategies to meet our goals. 


5 minutes

No year would be complete without Kid President!  We'll watch this together and then have some time to discuss. 

What are your dreams? What do you want to DO? How will make the world awesome?

This is one of our theme songs for the year. Every year my kids start off thinking they're too cool for Sesame Street, but then within days they're begging for "our song." I tell them this is truly what I think about them, and they will be so awesome if we just keep working toward our goals! Here are my kiddos being silly during their first view of the song. They actually started dancing and letting loose! 

Again, I like to have them ponder a little quote and then we discuss this as well. 

Some other really cool ideas.



15 minutes

Today we're going to work through some activities that help us learn how to set some goals and identify who we are. We have to know who we are before we can identify what we want to do. Reading and writing are a tool that you can use to get you where you want to go, so once we have an idea of our big goals, I'll show you how to set some small goals in ELA to help move you along. 

I'll walk through this power point with the students to go over what it means to have a plan and set goals. This is something we will work with all year, but I like for them to know my expectations from the start. 

Independent Work

20 minutes

To start off the year, the kids will work on this goal setting freebie from teachers pay teachers. This will go in their Leadership binders for Leader in Me, but they could go in any folder or binder that you use in your classroom. I used to have the kids keep a data binder with all goal setting, assessments, behavior information, etc, but this year we'll be moving to leadership notebooks, which are essentially the same. I just want the kids to have this somewhere they can revisit often and remember. This isn't the only goal setting form we use; I have them goal set about their reading levels, they set a goal when they take a pre-test and then reflect for the post-test, and they are constantly goal setting in writing.