Zlateh's Goat Literary Analysis

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SWBAT analyze a short story using their close reading strategies.

Big Idea

Is conflict always bad? Students examine the big question while annotating the story "Zlateh's Goat"

Advanced Organizer

5 minutes

To quickly help start our brains for today's lesson, I am going to have the students work on a quick Conflict Practice handout for conflict.  I will have them first work on their own for about five minutes and then do a Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up to check their answers.  Finally, we will review the answers as a whole group.  

Independent Practice

35 minutes

Yesterday we worked on our close reading strategies and annotating the text.  Our focus was on making inferences and conflict. 

Today, we are going to use our notes to work on analyzing the story.  I will pass out the Making Inferences handout and the Conflict and Resolution handout that go along with the story and review the directions.  I am anticipating that some of the students will need more guidance with the questions, so I am going to split them into their reading groups and allow them to work as a group.  This will also allow me a chance to move about the room and assist as needed.  

I am expecting to have to work with my struggling readers on breaking apart the questions and taking it one at a time.  If possible, it may even be helpful to chunk this activity.  


5 minutes

To wrap up today's lesson, I will ask the students to do a 3,2,1 in regards to conflict.  They will have to list 3 things they have learned about conflict, 2 questions they still have or struggles they are having, and 1 connection they can make.  

I will have them share their closure with their groups in a Round Robin.