What are Idioms and Personification?

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SWBAT explain idioms and personification and how writers use them.

Big Idea

How can figurative language help make reading and writing more interesting?


10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I read the beginning of the story Amelia Bedelia Helps Out by Peggy Parish. This story as do all of the Amelia Bedelia stories makes great use of idioms. I read through the story and as I get about half way through I stop to talk to the students about Amelia Bedelia’s actions in the story. I wanted to see if students could see what was going on in the story. I ask them to explain what she does each time she is asked to complete a chore. After discussing the story briefly, I ask the students to go back to various parts of the story and talk about what is really going on. 


15 minutes

After we discuss the story, I give students copies of some of the idioms used in the story. As a group, I ask them to take a look at them and discuss them with each other. After students discuss them, we talk about them as a class. We take a look at our anchor chart and look at the definition of an idiom. Next, we use what we know about idioms and describe what’s happening in the story. Afterwards, we move into looking at personification. I read the first two pages of Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. This story uses several literary devices including personification. I read some of the story and then I point out some areas of the story that uses personification. We talk about how the author compares an object that is not alive to something that is human. We look at several other examples and discuss them. We talk about how the use of personification makes the story more interesting.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

I have students complete an activity that asks them to take a look at examples of idioms and personification in literature. Students have to identify each and explain what the author is trying to say. I created an activity where students read short phrases in order to complete the task.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up the lesson, we go over the activity students completed so students can determine if they identified and explained correctly. We review what idioms and personification are to make sure students understand.