What Are Similes and Metaphors?

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SWBAT explain similes and metaphors and how writers use it.

Big Idea

How can figurative language help make reading and writing more interesting?


10 minutes

As the lesson begins, we review figurative language and what it is. We look back at the anchor chart from the previous lesson and I point out to students that today we are going to talk about metaphors and similes. I tell students to look in their interactive notebooks at the definitions and examples of these. I tell students that they are very similar but there is a difference between the two. To give students and idea about similes and metaphors, I show them a video I created on Pow Toon. ( www.powtoon.com). 

Here is the link to my video on Similes & Metaphors:



Guided Practice

15 minutes

Just like in the previous lesson, I give students some time to identify similes and metaphors. I give students an activity to work on where they sort phrases as similes or metaphors. Each student has their own activity but I encourage them to discuss their choices with their table mates to better understand the differences. After students are finished, we share students’ responses and discuss misconceptions and ideas.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

Now that students have had some time to practice with identifying similes and metaphors, I want them to have some time to create some of their own. I display some nouns for students to use as motivation for their metaphors and similes. I display words like apple, rain, sunshine, spring, ice cream, etc. Things that students could easily describe. I ask students to work with a partner. They have to create their own but I want them to peer review with their partner their ideas. As students work, I circulate the room and listen in on their thoughts. I offer guidance where needed and pull some students who need scaffolding. When students are finished, we share some of their creations.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Now that students have had some time to note the differences between similes and metaphors as well as identify and create them, I want to make sure they understand the concept of the two and how they are used. To do this I show another video I found that uses a song to help students remember what they are, how they are used, and the difference between the two.