Let's Review Numbers 11-20

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Students will be able to identify, count and represent numbers 11-20.

Big Idea

The students have a chance to work with numbers 11-20. They will review counting, representing and writing numbers.


10 minutes

To begin this review lesson, I use the Turkey Match Up.  They are included as a PDF with this lesson  Print the cards on a colored printer and if possible, laminate for durability.  Cut the cards out.

I gather the students in a circle and I distribute the cards.  I tell the students, You have a card that has either turkeys or a number on it. When I tell you to begin, I want you to move about the room and find the partner for you card.  For example, if I have 17 turkeys, I want to find the number 17.  When you have your partner, return to the circle and stand next to each other.

The students begin circulating around the room to find their partner.  Click on the video link to see how the students find their partners with this type of activity.

When all of the students have their partners, we go around the circle and everyone says what their number is.  I collect the cards and we move over to the SMARTBoard for our review lesson.

Direct Instruction

15 minutes

For this review lesson, I use my SMARTBoard.  If you have a SMARTBoard, the file can easily be downloaded and opened.  If you have a different type of interactive whiteboard, you can still use this lesson by opening the file in Smart Notebook Express.  There is also PDF of the slides so you can recreate this part of the lesson.

I gather my students in front of the SMARTBoard.  I have cards with each student's name on.  These cards are used for selecting who will come up to the SMARTBoard.

I open the first slide (SMARTBoard Slide 1) with the lesson objective written in "student friendly" terms.  There is a content objective and a language objective to help focus on vocabulary expansion for my English Learners (ELs) to be congruent with SIOP instructional techniques. I read these objectives aloud for my students.

Content Objective
I can count, write and represent numbers 11-20.

Language Objective
I can count a group and tell a friend how many are in it, using the numbers 11-20.

Slide 2:  Can you put 11 potatoes in the grocery bag?   Count as you move each one, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11. Now write the number 11.  I invite a student to come up and move the potatoes.  We then count the potatoes to check the student's work.  Another student is invited to come up to the SMARTBoard to write the number.

Slide 3-11:  Continue as above.

Slide 12:  It is now time for Turn and Talk.  Turn and Talk allows students to practice their academic language.  This is especially beneficial for my English Language Leaners.

Each student in my class has an assigned Turn and Talk Partner.  I have the students hold hands in the air with their partner so I can check to make sure everyone is partnered up  I then ask them the question from the slide, Now, turn to a friend and tell them how many dinosaurs there are. 

After the students have had time to talk, I invite a student to share with the class.  The student tells the class that there are 16.  I invite the student to come up and count the dinosaurs for the class.  To help reinforce English language, I repeat the answer as a complete sentence.  I say, That’s right.  There are 16 dinosaurs.  It is important for the students to hear the answer phrased as a sentence.  This helps expand their knowledge of English syntax.  I then ask the students, How many boxes of stuffing are there?  I repeat the process as above, having the student count the frogs and then I restate the answer in a complete sentence.

We now return to our seats for independent practice 

Independent Practice and Informal Assessment

10 minutes

For this part of the lesson, you will need the Number Match 11-20 Activity Sheet. Run one copy per student of the first sheet.  The second sheet has two sets of numbers per sheet, so you only need to run half as many.  The students will need glue and scissors to complete the activity. 

I pass out the activity sheet to the students.  After the students have put their name on their paper, I tell them, You are going to cut out the numbers on the small sheet of paper.  When you are done cutting, you are going to count how many turkeys are in each box.  You will put the correct number in the empty box under the turkeys.  When you are done matching them up, raise your hand and I will check your work before you glue them down. 

The students begin working and I circulate around the room to monitor their progress and catch any mistakes.  When the students work has been checked and the numbers glued down, I have them count the group with 20 turkeys.  This allows me to check their one-to-one correspondence and I can see if they are having trouble with any of the numbers.  The students then put their work in their mailbox.