The Crucial Recall: A Final, Final Exam

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SWBAT recall important concepts, ideas, and skills from the past semester.

Big Idea

... a final multiple-choice test can serve as an appropriate companion to written final assessment ...

Context and Introduction

8 minutes

If you teach high school seniors, you, I am sure, are aware of the unique school calendar, organized at the end of any given school-year to provide for graduation.  Senior students in each of the five high schools I have taught in, graduate the weekend before their underclassmen peers even finish final exams.  There are a host of reasons for this, I suppose, but, suffice it to say, the "unofficial reason" (I think) is, well, these guys and gals are "just done" with the high school thing.  

Regardless though, my school provides only 45 min. for the required final exam for my seniors, so I had to create a short test, and I chose to create a comprehensive, multiple-choice exam.

In order to best prep. my students, I distributed this outline as a Google Doc (which I also upload here as a .pdf).  I created two hyperlinks in the doc (3Q. & 4Q.) in order to make it very, very easy to find the by-quarter-daily-Slides-show for their full review, yet I stopped short of adding multiple links -- links to all of the published content for the course.  My lands, they needed to do some work, right?

However, for teacher-members of Better Lesson, here's a hyper-linked copy of the outline:


1. the college scholarship application process

2. rhetorical analysis

3. argument of fact

  • reread the intro. by Hochschild [I cannot share my .pdf of this, prepared for students, but the ENTIRE intro. is avail. in the Google Books copy of the text to To End All Wars]
  • understand the differences in types of sources for the essay
  • recognize incorrectly cited/punctuated citations
  • be prepared to answer questions about the research process

4. infographic

  • understand the purpose of infographics
  • be able to interpret an infographic

5. blogging

  • understand the relationship between the parts of your blog
  • understand basic blog functionality -- sections and purposes


Review for the Final Exam, a Paired Activity

38 minutes

After posting the exam outline on a Friday, students had the weekend to review for the test on the following Wed.  On Monday -- the last Monday of the class -- I had students pair up randomly ("playing card method") and sit together, elbow-to-elbow.  Then we went "old school/low tech." ...

I asked the pairs to pick one student who would login in the event they needed references from the Slides deck or the web at-large.  While each CPU was spinning to join the network, I distributed paper copies of the outline and my staplers.  I asked each student to attach a single sheet of notebook paper, labeled with name and period to the paper outline.  Then, I instructed them to discuss the outline, the content from the weekend's review, and any items they felt cogent for the Wed. final exam.  During this discussion, I added, they were to take notes on the notebook sheet.  I did volunteer I would (possibly) provide some "extra credit" (after the exam) for especially thorough prep. notes from the lesson's paired-review.  This announcement provided the expected motivation.