Setting the Stage

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SWBAT understand the vocabulary words and are introduced to the 6 roles in the role play.

Big Idea

Indentured Servants, Enslaved African Americans, Free African Americans, White Woman, Bankers and Merchants, White Male Plantation Owners

Introduction of Roles to students

15 minutes

Divide the class into 6 groups and assign all students into one of the groups:  

Indentured Servants

Free African Americans

Enslaved African Americans

White Women

White Male Southern Plantation Owners

Northern Merchants and Bankers

Have each group meet with an adult to read the handout of information for each group.  The goal of today's meeting is to understand what it might be like to be a person in this group and to begin to develop a position on the two questions we are investigating in the role play.  Students listen to the synopsis, and think and discuss the questions at the bottom of the page.  These questions are used to help the students step into the perspective of their role.

Additionally each student will pick a name to assume, they can become a famous person in history for the role play, or they choose to be a fictitious name.  I have included a list of historical names that students can choose from.

Before dismissing students back to the whole group, have the students select one person from the group to be the materials manager.


Whole group meeting

10 minutes

Bring all the students back together on the rug with their materials.  Say,  From now on you will be sitting with your group as you work on activities for our role play.  Remember to put your real name and your role play name on all your papers.  Also, did each group select  a materials manager?   This person will collect all handouts and work you accomplish daily after your group work is over an return the folder to me. I have put together 6 folders with the name of each group on the outside and your name on a post-it to help you stay organized.

Material Managers raise your hands.  Pass out folders to them.  Ok students, now I want you to turn in your handout to your materials manager on your way back to your seats.