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SWBAT present their research findings.

Big Idea

Students share the information they found out about their favorite outdoor games!

Advanced Organizer

5 minutes

Since the students are going to be presenting their research findings today, I want to give them time to practice.  To do this, I will have the students work with their Face Partners and each go through their presentation one time.  I will remind them to practice eye contact, voice quality, as well as breathing! 

As they are practicing, I will circulate through the room, guiding as needed. 


40 minutes

Speaking in front of the class always creates a nervous energy and anxiety.  However, these are the best days for students to overcome those fears! 

I will have the students present their findings to the class on the activities they researched comparing outdoor games.  They each created a poster that displays a Venn Diagram showing their findings.  They will have to go through and explain their findings and then summarize it all.  

Each student will have about 3-5 minutes to present.  As they are presenting, I will be assessing their eye contact, voice quality, and accuracy of findings.  



5 minutes

Today we will hear a lot of information, but what I want the students to reflect on is the research process. I will ask the students to answer the following questions. 

1.  What were some of the challenges in doing this research activity?


2.  What did you learn about research while doing this project? 


I will have the students take a few minutes to reflect and then share their answers with a Shoulder Partners.