Lesson 23

The Cotton Gin Was Awesome! Right? Writing Assignment

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SWBAT read opposing historical texts to express their viewpoints in writing.

Big Idea

When given information, remember to think about ALL viewpoints before deciding on your own.


15 minutes

Today you will gather information to support your opinion of whether the cotton gin had a positive or negative effect on America. You will use the texts you read yesterday to support your view. I will be around to conference with you along the way. 

Writing and Conferencing

50 minutes

I will use this time to work with my students on using details to support an argument/opinion. I taught this in my writing block, so now I'll have the time to discuss and guide my students through this. It's really nice to have my units align ll year so that I can make reading, reading and the contents very fluid. The kids get a better sense of how everything connects and why concepts are important. 


Here are two of the negative and positive reactions.