Peer Editing Narratives

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SWBAT edit their narratives by successfully engaging in a peer critique.

Big Idea

Coming in for a landing--peer editing can be just like getting coached from the control tower!

Model Story

15 minutes

If time, I will read this essay about a crash landing to my class.  I think it's got an exciting plot featuring the crash landing of a plane (hence my use of the control tower image... that, and we are coming in for a landing of sorts with this essay!).   I am continuing to use models this late in the writing process because I have noticed that students might just now be truly grappling with the demands of the narrative that they are writing or have to write, so a late-inning model is not a bad idea!   

I will ask as I read (link to essay)--

1.) I really like the engaging opener!  How does the writer hook you along?

2.) What elements of development and structure does the writer use? 




Peer Critique

15 minutes

I have put this activity down for 15 minutes, but it could easily be much longer or use 3-4 writers in a group.  I will plan to run this as a paired activity in which I focus students on helping each other use the tool (link) to help revise their work (W.9-10.5) so that their craft (W.9-10.3b) and specific word choices (W.9-10.3d) are as strong as they can be. 

By now, I expect a great deal of nervousness and some excitement, as some students are done with their essays and others are needing to rally to finish well on time. 

Wrap up

10 minutes

Now that the students are coming in for a landing, so to speak, I want to get them to begin to process what they have learned about characterization (RL.9-10.3) as well as narration (W.9-10.3) and editing (L.9-10.2). 

I  will ask:

1.) What have you learned about making a compelling, rounded character?  What is the relationship between a strong character and a strong story?

2.) What about point of view--how would your story change if you were to select a different point of view than the one you selected?

3.) What have you learned about writing?  About strong word choices?  About editing? 

4.) How have you enjoyed/detested this writing project?  [Please say it was AWESOME!]