Characters' Point of View

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SWBAT answer literal, inferential, and point of view questions about a text

Big Idea

Close Readings

Strategy Group

15 minutes

Call students up who are reading the book Felicity Saves the Day.  Have students share what is going on in the book with each other using their notes form their reading response notebook.  Tell them that after they are finished with the novel they need to complete a comprehension worksheet to show their understanding.  Share the comprehension worksheet with them.

Say, "Could I have a volunteer read the first question?"  Call on a student to read the first question.  Say, "Now I want you to go to page 8 and find the section that answers this question."  After the students have reread the page, say, "Now turn and talk with a partner and tell how you would and the question ... On page 8 it says, “Summer was a generous season.”  What does the author mean by this?   Start your answer with...'The author described summertime on the plantation as a generous season because..."  After the students share with each other repeat what you have heard them say.

I am imaging the students will say, "The author describe summertime on the plantation as a generous season because the air was sweet with the smell of sun on flowers and fruit.  She describes the strawberries, watermelons, peaches, nectarines, and figs.  She describe how the lavender was growing in the herb garden.  The word generous means giving so I think life on the plantation during the summer was easy because there was so much fruit to eat and plants to pick and use."

Watch as the students write the answer  to question 1.  Next say, "Who will read the second question?  Call on a student to read, "Grandfather says on page 11, “The earth is happy to provide us with everything we need.  We must only be wise enough to know how to use it.” Describe some examples of how grandfather lived off the land in his early days in Virginia."  Tell the students to reread pages 10-11 to find the answer and to put up their thumb when they had an answer to share with their partner.  Direct students to turn and talk.  Listen in and rephrase what you heard them say.  Tell the students that when they are answering question, it is important to reread the section and use the authors words in the answer.  This is called close reading because you are quoting accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly. 

Now, I want you to go back to your seats, to continue reading and taking notes.  If you want you can read the rest of the questions with a partner so you can be on the look out for particular events in the book.

Are their any questions?  Remember to ask someone for help if something seems confusing.  Ask a friend or ask me. 

Dismiss students back to their seats.