Lesson 32

Performance Assessment: Destroying Our Wetlands; What Have We Got To Lose? Day 2

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SWBAT synthesize information from multiple viewpoints to determine the solution to a problem

Big Idea

How do we keep everyone happy and solve a problem when we all have different viewpoints?

Group Collaboration

35 minutes

Today you will get back into your groups to brainstorm some solutions to help solve the problems in the bay. Remember to get into character and think in the point of view you've been given. This role "playing" is also great practice for our drama unit that starts next. 

The kids will get back into groups and work to complete the planning sheets. The students may have some difficulties staying on task in the groups since there may be a large number of students in each group. I want to be sure to move round to each group, and I really want to hear some of their ideas for trade-offs. This pulls in those skill with considering all sides. They have to be willing to give something up to make things better for something or someone else. This is probably going to be difficult for them. I don't generally give my kids help here because this is their problem to solve and we're at the end of the unit. I use the time to take anecdotal notes about their collaboration and work in the group. 


30 minutes

The kids will get into their Socratic Seminar places and I'll start them off. Then the conversations about saving the bay can start. I'm just a guide on the side at this point. I want the kids referring to their text and sharing the conversation about how to solve this problem.