Important Events in Paul Revere's Life

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SWBAT select 5 dates from the Picture Book of Paul Revere and tell why they are important.

Big Idea

Determining Importance and Justifying Reasoning.

Strategy Lesson

15 minutes

Gather students who have chosen to read A Picture Book of Paul Revere  by David Alder in a small group.  Tell them that their job is to first read the book.  They can read it alone or with a partner. Next, they are to select 5 dates from the book (the author includes over 19 dates) and chronologically place them on a time line.  Then they are to explain in writing why they selected those dates as important and provide evidence for their thinking.  I am pretty sure that students will want to include Revere's birth and death on the time line, so I already included that on the template, because I want to see them select 5 dates other than birth and death dates as important and to justify their thinking.

Show students a template for them to use. 

Ask the students, "Why is Paul Revere famous? See what they know about his life.  Tell them that as they are reading this book they will learn about how he made a living, how many children he had, and important events that led up to his historical midnight ride.

Before I send student off to read, I will demonstrate my thinking about an event I might select for the  time line and justify my thinking in writing.