Presentation through Sharing with Each Other

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SWBAT use a visual aid to present their report to their peers.

Big Idea

Students have completed their research project are are now ready to present what they have learned to other students.


10 minutes

Yay! Finally students have researched, written a report, prepared for a presentation and are ready to share.

This lesson is the last in a unit on researching and reporting. Students will be presenting to their peers. 

I set up the room for each student group or topic to have their own space. Students rotate through each section, listening to their peers share their research.

This unit was not about developing presentation skills so I did not expect students to have a fully prepared presentation. Instead, I gave them an informal opportunity to share what has come from all of their hard work.

Main Activity and Closing

30 minutes

The day before, I told students that they were going to be sharing their reports and one way that could make their presentation strong is to think about the key ideas that they want someone to learn about. I also suggested that they direct attention to the visuals and talk about the information that are supported by the visuals. 

I demonstrated how to do this by giving them an example based on the draft of my report. I explained how I decided that talking about the most interesting part of each section of my report was more engaging than the details. Although, there may be a few very interesting facts that I think are important enough to share.

I give students a few minutes before having to share to think about what they might share. Most students will not need to use notes although I allow students to have them if they want.

After students have an opportunity to check out the other presentations in the class, I ask them each to share one thing the learned from their peers' presentations.