Thanksgiving Time: Reviewing Numbers 11 - 15

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Students will be able to identify, count and represent numbers 11 - 15.

Big Idea

This interactive, holiday-themed lesson allows students to build upon their knowledge of numbers 11-15

Review Activity 1

15 minutes

For this activity, you need the Write the Room Review activity that is included as a PDF with this lesson.  You will need to run one copy of the activity cards (I laminate these) and cut them apart.  Post the cards in different areas around the room.  You will also need one copy of the recording sheet for each student. 

I distribute the the recording sheet to the students and have them put their name on it.  I then explain to the students, We have been working with the numbers 11-15.  Today we are going to review these numbers.  You will look for different cards around the room.  When you find the card, count how many things are on the card.  Write how many things are on the card next to the letter that is on the card on your recording sheet.  You will know you have the correct space if the pictures match.  When you are all done, bring your sheet up for me to check.  When you are done with this activity, you will begin our next review activity.

The students begin counting and recording their answers.  I observe their work to see if there are any problems with one-to-one correspondence or writing the correct number.  I check their work when they have completed all of the cards and then I direct them to begin the next activity.

Review Activity 2

15 minutes

For the second review activity in this lesson, you will need the Stamp a Number! activity sheet included with the lesson as a PDF.  You will also need stamp pads and small stampers.  If you do not have small stampers, you could also use stickers.

I distribute the activity sheet to the students and I have them put their name on it.  I tell the students, We are going to practice representing numbers 11-15.  I want you to look at the number in the box.  Then, you are going to stamp that number of items in the space next to it.  Make sure to stamp neatly and not stamp on top of another image.  Make sure to double check your work.  If you have a mistake, correct it by adding more stamps or crossing out the ones you do not need.

The students begin working and I circulate around the room to check their work.  When they have completed the sheet, I check their work.  I select one of the numbers and have them count the stamps for me before they put their work away.