Assessment: Presentation on Exponential Functions Day 2 of 2

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SWBAT complete presentations of an exponential graph with their partner from the previous lesson, and complete a written assessment on exponents.

Big Idea

To be able to SHOW MASTERY in simplifying and rewriting exponential expressions with reasoning.

Set Up -Complete Presentations and Prepare for the Written Assessment

10 minutes

When students enter the room today for Day 2, I assign different tasks for them to complete. Here are the tasks:

  • Part I of the assessment is the presentation based from the rubric provided in the lesson on day 1.  (Must be completed in class within the two days)
  • Closure activity is to reinforce understanding of the structure of exponential functions and how it relates to the graph.  (May be done outside of class on day 1)
  • Complete the review- students self-assess.  (May be done outside of class on day 1)
  • Part II of the assessment is a written assessment on exponents that will be graded.
  • Student reflection (May be completed outside of class on day 2)

I will organize the classroom with one side of the room for partnerships that need to briefly review their presentations or begin presenting to me if they are ready.  The other side of the room is set up for students to quickly check their review for mistakes from a Key that I provide.  Students in this area can collaborate with other students to correct mistakes before taking the written assessment.  

Assessment Time

35 minutes

After students complete their presentations and review their work, they are to complete a Written assessment on exponents.

I expect the written assessment to take about 20 minutes.  However, I allow the remainder of the class time to be used for the two assessments that must be done in class, which again is the Partner Presentation, and the Exponent Written Assessment.  

As students complete different parts of the assessment at different times, they may take an assessment when they are ready.  There are expectations in my classroom for test taking that all students are made aware:

  1. Move to an area to test and stand a folder around your test to block the view between you and your table partner.
  2. Individual work only on this written assessment-no cheating, no talking, no cell phones, and no laptops open.  
  3. A calculator may be used if needed.
  4. When finished, hand in the assessment, and work quietly on the individual extension activity.
  5. If you finish the extension activity, then work on the student reflection.

I have provided the individual Extension activity in the resource section.  Students that do not have time to complete the extension assignment, will complete it as homework.  I encourage students to be creative and to use negative exponents.  Students enjoy writing an expression that is not easily recognized by their partner to represent the number one million.

Student Reflection

5 minutes

I give this student Reflection so that students are able to reflect on the Exponential Unit.  It is important for them to think about what difficulties that they had and how they can change some of their own habits to succeed on future assessments.