Presenting Your Websites

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SWBAT effectively speak and listen to presentations of websites

Big Idea

How can we effectively use presentation to persuade?

How to Present

10 minutes

This lesson brings this unit to a close. Students have spent several days building websites as a group for a fictitious tutoring company. Students were divided into groups. Each group represents a mock advertising company trying to create the best website for my business. Today students will present the websites. To set the standard, we take one last look at the rubric. We talk about each part and I tell students what to expect and what I am looking for. I tell students to make sure they speak loudly and correctly and to remember their presentation has to be persuasive as well. 

Game Plan

15 minutes

Before we begin our presentations, I need for students to get with their groups and decide how their presentation will flow. I speak to them about dividing the tasks and determining who will do what and talk about what. I also remind them that I am not just giving a score for how well you work with the group but how well you contributed to the group. 


40 minutes

We spend this part of the lesson listening to students present their published web pages. Before we start, I remind students of the speaking and listening standards I will be looking at and measuring them on.