Drafting Your Message

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SWBAT draft information to persuade customers to use the tutoring services.

Big Idea

How do I use persuasion to make my message more convincing?


10 minutes

In today’s lesson, we will be writing the information we are going to share with customers that will visit our website. To relate this to the writing process. I inform students that we are in the drafting stage of the writing process. To get started, I ask the class what I mean by being in the drafting stage. Students explain that we are writing a rough draft. I confirm this and tell them that advertisers have to draft up what they want to say before they actually publish it. This is a real world connection between what we are learning and how we can apply it in the real world, like our jobs. To get some practice, students take a look at some sample advertisements I've created. We talk about how effective each advertisement is.


15 minutes

After looking at the sample I model for students and advertisement of my own. First, I list several important pieces of information I need to advertise. Then, I began writing. I think out loud how to incorporate the information into a short persuasive paragraph. Now I give students an opportunity to draft their own. Before they get started, I tell students to make sure they are discussing their information as a group and give everyone a chance to give input. I also tell each group to choose someone to record or write the information in the graphic organizer for the group.

Guided Practice

15 minutes

Before students get started, I want to give them some practice and make sure they understand exactly what they should be doing. So we take a look at a website. I want students to take a look at how to advertise with persuasive writing. Next I give students a list of information they need to talk about in their writing. Now I allow students to practice as a group on the first section, the home page. While students are working, I circulate the room. I make a point to work with each group and make sure each group is on track and understands the task. Students draft their advertisements in a graphic organizer I’ve made for them before they actually begin adding the information to the site.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

After I’ve had a chance to work with each group, I send students off on their own to work on the other pages of the site. As students are working, I circulate the room once again working with each group and scaffolding where needed. Students continue to work on the remaining pages. This lesson spans over the course of several days until students have finished the writings for each page. 


When students are finished writing the advertisement for all the website pages, I collect each groups’ drafts to assess where I need to go next with the unit. I make comments on each groups’ draft to let them know how persuasive their message is.