How Will You Organize Your Website

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SWBAT use the writing process to organize a website.

Big Idea

How does the writing process help me in organizing a website?


10 minutes

In the previous lesson students took a look at some other websites to get an idea of what their website should look like. During that time students were also asked to rate each website on a scale from one to three. I used this information to see which website students liked the best. To begin this lesson I displayed this website for the class on my smart board. We talked about why this website was so appealing to students. We talked about the images, the appearance, the wording of the site, all of the presentations that made students like the site. I remind students to keep all of these things in mind as they build their websites.

The Task

15 minutes

After we discuss the website and what makes a persuasive website, I explain to students their task. I tell them what I will need on the site in order to effectively persuade people to utilize my tutoring services. Students are told they will need to create a home page, a page for reading and writing, and a page for math. I tell students on the home page, they have to tell about me, the services I offer, and my philosophy.  I explain that I will give them an outline to brainstorm how they will set up each page. I also give students an opportunity to create another page on their own that will help persuade more customers. I encourage students to think about and draw examples of images that could go on the pages. Before the class begins working on their outline, I share with them the rubric that I will use to grade them on their websites. I explain that I will be looking at the website overall as well as how well they present and how much they contribute to the entire project. As students are working, I have them jot down any ideas they have for messages they could include. I circulate the room and talk with each group while they’re working.

Group Work

15 minutes

After students finish working on their outline, I have each of them to share their ideas with their group. As students shared each of the members in the group had to take away something they liked about the students’ outline. Afterwards, students needed to take ideas from each group member and come up with a group outline of their website. As students are working, I make a point to meet with each group to offer help and guidance as needed.

Share Out

10 minutes

Once students have had an opportunity to work out their group outline, each group shares their outline with the class. While students are presenting, I have the other students peer evaluate and give students feedback and suggestions for their outline.