Group Quiz - Unit Circle Applications

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SWBAT self-assess their current knowledge of trigonometric functions and learn what they have missed from their peers.

Big Idea

Students’ collaboration skills and trigonometric functions knowledge are tested through a timed group quiz.

Assessment - Group Quiz

50 minutes

For today’s entire class period students will be working on the Group Quiz. I like to group students in teams of 3 for group quizzes. I will have all students work together, but each individual should submit their own paper for grading. I normally ask teams to agree on answers and then I will just grade one quiz from each team. However, if students can’t come to an agreement I also am willing to grade them individually.

Of course group quizzes are a good formative assessment of students’ knowledge so far in this unit, however I really like to use group quizzes as a way for students to self-assess their current learning and to review past information before the big unit test.   


Tonight I will assign the test review for homework:

Trigonometric Functions Review

Students should complete as much of the review as they can tonight. We will review any problems they need help on in tomorrow's lesson.