Theme: The All American Slurp (Day 2)

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SWBAT provide text evidence and identify a story’s theme.

Big Idea

How characters react to the events, people and places in their lives offers clues to a story’s theme.

Comprehension Check

20 minutes

To start class today, the students take out “The All-American Slurp” and the answers to the Check Your Comprehension Questions and the Critical Thinking questions, which was the previous day’s homework assignment. While I circulate around the room and check on completion, the students discuss the Reader’s Response, Thematic Focus and Group Activity questions in small groups. Then we review the homework together taking time to point out evidence from the text and to clarify any discrepancies. A few samples of student work appear here and here.

Guided Practice

15 minutes

Now, we are ready to complete the first part of the Literary Focus: Theme worksheet together. A marked up copy appears here. Students benefit from this guided practice activity and will be able to apply what they have learned with greater independence as they search this story for additional evidence.  More thoughts on this activity appear here:

Now It’s Your Turn

15 minutes

During an online search, I came across a set of worksheets that are a perfect fit for what we are doing now in class. These Identifying Theme worksheets from contain five short narratives that ask the students to determine the theme and to identify the plot events that lead to this conclusion. In addition, the high interest topics have something for everyone so the discussion that follows is sure to be lively. A copy of the worksheets with answers appears here.