Reviewing for the Final Exam in Style

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SWBAT cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text by showing what they know and winning the game.

Big Idea

A little competition and a lot of learning.

Getting Started

10 minutes

This is our last class and should be totally dedicated to studying for the final. I will dedicate most of the time to test preparation, but because this is our last time to share, I want to give students an opportunity to read from the essay that they are handing in today. I will ask everyone to underline their thesis, a task that took practically 20 minutes in September (what's a thesis, I can't find my thesis, I don't have a thesis, etc), and then we will go around the room and everyone will share that sentence or two (SL.9-10.1a).


Here are a few thesis statements: Example 1, Example 2, and Example 3. 

Here are two full essays: Example 1 and Example 2.

STUMP Trivia

45 minutes

The rest of class will be dedicated to prep for the final. I was always struggle with these days because its practically impossible to boil down a full year in one class or one test. And any more than one day seems like too much to me; why review when we can learn something new? To appease my internal struggle with review days, I decided to try to make it fun and comprehensive.


Trivia. Competition. It's gonna be great. I designed today's class using a Stump! Trivia template. Stump! Trivia is basically bar trivia, where it's just as important to wager well as it is to know the right answer. There are 8 short rounds, usually including a picture round and/or a lyric round. I used their Score Sheet template and created trivia questions for each round. There will be 4 questions based on 4 categories for each quarter (RL.9-10.1):

  • character development
  • theme
  • symbolism
  • vocabulary


I changed the picture rounds to a quote identification round (RL.9-10.2, RL.9-10.3, RL.9-10.4) and a grammar/punctuation quick-fix round (L.9-10.1, L.9-10.1a, L.9-10.2, L.9-10.2a), both of which are on this document.(These are also the quotes that will appear on the test).


The students will arrange themselves into groups of 4 or 5 and create a team name together. Each group will given a couple of sheets of trivia cards. They will bring up up one card, with their name, answer, and wager, after each question. I will do my best to update the scores at the end of each round. I hope that this will be a fun way to cover the whole year rather quickly.


Overall, I think that this hour preps students for the final because it gives them a sense of each section of the test. The final exam is 2 hours. It will consists of 4 parts: vocabulary, character identification, quote analysis, and an essay. Everything we covered today is on the test in one way or another.

Wrapping Up

5 minutes

At the end of class, we will celebrate the winning team! It will also be a good time for any student to ask questions about the final exam.